Barons School is an alternative public school for Low-German Speaking Mennonite students in pre-kindergarten to Grade 6. We prioritize high quality teaching to support learning for all students. Equally as important, are building strong and caring relationships with students and their families. The staff at Barons School are committed to creating an environment where each student’s thrive and the curriculum taught supports the Low-German Speaking Mennonite faith, language, and world views that parents have identified as an important part of their children’s education.


Kristine Van Wieren



We are a caring, safe, and collaborative learning community committed to providing students with the necessary skills to become thriving lifelong learners who value their faith, family and community.


Empowering all students by providing access to an education that supports and respects their culture, allows for meaningful connections to their community, and develops the skills for learning success.


 We believe:

  • All children have a right to quality education and to feel safe
  • Strong parental involvement and support will help set the direction of our school community
  • Collaboration with our community partners and educational stakeholders will help us in the education of our students

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